Nature is a wonderful thing

Whilst posting a letter one morning I noticed two bees lying on the floor. The weather has been a little unpredictable lately, one moment it’s blue skies the next it’s pouring with rain. It’s the time of year that these little hard workers are out doing their jobs. Unfortunately for them they get tired very easily and just like us need to stop and take a break. These two little individuals were in a very dangerous place, on the footpath, they could have been squashed. I picked them both up and put them inside the house to warm up and gave them some sugary water and some tangerine. One of them was so exhausted I didn’t think it was going to make it. But she was a fighter and immediately perked up after a nice rest and a little drink. She flew off to continue with its daily routine and the second one well She wanted to stay around and enjoy the tangerine a little more. Nature is helping me to get better so I’m making sure I play my part of the deal and help nature too. Watching these two little ones just lying there wasn’t nice, to see them both perk up after a nice rest was good.


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